Wonderghoul Origin Story

In my 20s I use to live my life as if Pitbull was my spirit animal/co-pilot/godmother.

His songs were the anthems to my formative socializing years.  To this day when I hear him say, "I knew my rent was gon' be late about a week ago," I will literally get goosebumps. 


This website was created for two purposes: A creative outlet and a way to become the top dog bread winner of my family.

So let me start from one of the beginnings..a more recent beginning if you will.

In 2018 I gave birth to my first child.  This rocked my world in ways I am still comprehending in real time.  In 2020, I popped out another one! I KNOW.  So this further expanded, not only my capacity to love, but my capacity for exhaustion.



I believe that it is something that most parents experience and if they say they haven't experienced it they just might be too exhausted to acknowledge it.  Luckily, through much trial, tribulation, and some uncomfortable situations, I was able to find resources that could "help me, help myself."

The more I continue to help myself the more I get to remember my passions, my joys, my hobbies.  All of the things that help me remember "my sparkle," when I sometimes forget.  And now these helpful practices have led me here...



Okay yeah, there are some parts in between, but long story short, I have found some things to make me happy. I love creating art, playing video games, writing thoughts, and designing things for people to enjoy.

At this time, the site is brand new and is just starting out... we have a long way to go and I look forward to sharing more of my designs, creations and thoughts with the world.






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